SWAT LIFE: BROTHERS FOR ADVERSITY® is not just muscle and guns. James Williams wrote, “Being tough and a good fighter is not in and of itself noble”. We must combine warrior attributes with an ingrained sense of service and sacrifice. This is the life of SWAT.

SWAT LIFE is a philosophy brand… a lifestyle brand. BROTHERS FOR ADVERSITY is our way of life. When we wake up in the morning and put on the shield or star, we know no other way of living. We serve and protect our communities to the fullest. We serve and protect one another. We live as many, but move as one. Knocking down the doors of adversity, we are all brothers – we are SWAT and this is our LIFE.

Stephen_HouseOur history starts, like so many others, on a path of those who came before…. Rewind to 1989 with a Central Florida SWAT Team. On February 15th, 1989 at 2143 hours, Stephen House was leading his Team during a search warrant of a residence for narcotics. Minutes after crossing the threshold, a gun fight ensued. Stephen House, mortally wounded, would return fire but lose his life in the process.

Stephen had years of martial arts training which led him to getting a tattoo of a dragon. It is from that tattoo that our SWAT Team developed their unique logo – a dragon holding a badge bearing his now retired police ID number ‘726’. Today’s SWAT Team is not overshadowed by Stephen’s death, but instead, his spirit inspires honor and courage. Officer Stephen House was a dedicated father, husband, and Team Leader who served his City and his brother officers as he dedicated his life to being the quiet professional.


By 2012 with increased budget constraints, Team members have been financing the basics themselves. Then Team Leader, Cleyton Bray, reached out to Larry Markx and Erich Barrett with an idea. Larry who was a family friend and nationally recognized graphics designer had a history of designing shirts as fundraising efforts. Erich Barrett a long time friend and SWAT Teammate. The idea to raise money through the sale of great custom shirts for our SWAT Team.

We realized quickly that we didn’t have to stop with just us. We have our SWAT brethren worldwide living this LIFE, mirror images of our same scenario. We are all BROTHERS FOR ADVERSITY in our efforts to better ourselves and our communities. We don’t forget our fallen brethren who died, serving and protecting. Whether it is serving at home on a SWAT Team or around the world in a Special Operations Unit we give back to the Tactical/Spec Ops community.


Yes, we are SWAT guys who turned to one another with ideas, and formed a business. But we are not business men! SWAT LIFE: BROTHERS FOR ADVERSITY® looks to better our brotherhood first and foremost. In order to do that though, we need to do this in a structured way, no different than how we perform our tactical operations. There is an objective, a target, in these efforts, and with our brethren’s support, we look for all to be brothers for prosperity as much as brothers for adversity within our SWAT lives.


Chief Executive Officer – Founder

Cleyton Bray has 18 years of Law Enforcement experience between Maine and Florida. Cleyton is a decorated Officer with 14 years + (with still more to come) on SWAT. He has been a Team Member, Team Leader, and Team Commander with well over a thousand tactical operations.

He is a member of the National Tactical Officer Association and Regional Representative for the Florida SWAT Association. He instructs at agencies within and outside of Florida in the matter of Special Weapons and Tactics and routinely advises agencies in SWAT Policy.

Cleyton has three collegiate degrees, his last a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice with a Graduate Certificate in Police Leadership from the University of Central Florida. He is a graduate of the Police Executive Research Forum’s Senior Management Institute for Police. He is a member of FBI’s Law Enforcement Executive Development Association.

“to whom much is given, much is expected – this company was begun to give back to those who have, are now, and will sacrifice greatly in this warrior brotherhood along with their families.”
– Cleyton Bray

“All for One and One for All. This is the essence, and price, of Brotherhood.”

Chief Operations Officer

With over 18 years of Law Enforcement experience in Florida, Erich Barrett currently serves in the private security industry as a high ranking supervisor in Central Florida. Erich has 15 years of SWAT experience as an Operator, Assistant Team Leader and Lead Sniper, and enjoys training with and instructing others within the Tactical Community. As a father and husband, he enjoys spending his time away from work with his family.

Chief Marketing Officer

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