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Brothers for Adversity, Inc. is the stand alone non-profit begun by the founders of SWAT LIFE: Brothers for Adversity®. The Board of Directors includes Current and Former Law Enforcement and Military Members and Family of Fallen Officer Stephen House.

Brothers for Adversity, Inc. is a publicly funded 501 (c)(3) charity. It focuses on getting officers into the training they need to better serve their community and protect their citizens. It assists smaller agencies with getting life saving equipment such as body armor and individual first aid kits. It conducts several education scholarships for both families of law enforcement and the military with an emphasis on SWAT And Special Operations. The main instrument to serve families and team members is through the Stephen House Scholarship. Named for a fallen officer, killed in the line of duty on February 15th, 1989. In the last 3 years that scholarship has touched hundreds of lives and donated thousands of dollars. The need is great and so are the people this non profit looks to serve.

On the pages of this website, and soon you can learn more about Stephen House the person and the scholarship that bears his name. Your support is appreciated!

Always on going is our mission to assist those fighting cancer.

SWAT LIFE: Brothers for Adversity® knows very well there is no “I” in “Team”, but every now and then one of the metaphorical individual letters that make up “Team” gets personally struck by Adversity, and we must then recognize that “I”, in team fashion.

With that, SWAT LIFE: Brothers for Adversity® has designed a few shirts specific to that mission. These shirts are designed and meant to help in the support efforts of the individual in providing a fundraising measure to help them overcome their adversity.

The designs, in support of those fighting a battle with Cancer along with mounting medical bills, or those seeking individual financial assistance in the pursuance of greatness as part of Team Adversity, are priced at $10 a shirt with a suggested selling price of $20, meaning, you raise $10 for every single shirt sold! For this program, we do require a minimum of 72 shirts to be pre-sold, but we make this process as easy as possible for you:

It is this simple:
1) You Select Shirt Design (Fighting Cancer / Team Adversity)
2) You Select Shirt Color (Over 40 shirt colors to choose from)
3) You Select Ink Colors (Custom to your purpose, but in many cases it will be specific to the cause)
4) We Design you a flyer / sales sheet for you to promote the shirt (for you to put up at the office, email out, etc.)
5) You go out and pre-sell a minimum of 72 shirts (not hard when for a righteous cause)
6) You place order… We produce shirts… You Deliver to your supporters…
7) You raise a ton of money for your cause…
* The more you sell the more you raise – 72 shirts = $720 raised… 100 Shirts = $1000 raised… 150 shirts = $1500 raised… etc.

So, what do the shirts look like? SWAT LIFE: Brothers for Adversity® never disappoints in providing cutting edge designs giving you something very easy to show and get people to want to buy and support your fundraising efforts… Here are just EXAMPLES of the designs and how they can be colored, along with an example flyer to help in your mission to raise as much money for your cause:

NOTE: These shirts are NOT exclusive to law enforcement or members of… SWAT LIFE: Brothers for Adversity® specifically has set these shirts up to help in the support of ANY ONE who is battling cancer or strives for greatness. For more information on our Support Shirts Program, please contact us using the below form. Together, we hope to help raise funds for thousands of individuals in need of this type of assistance…


SWAT LIFE: Brothers for Adversity® knows that we are not special. We, and our SWAT Team are not the only ones in need. We open the opportunity to any and all of our SWAT brethren and / or their families to let us know how it is that we might be of assistance.

Below, please fill out the application in its entirety. We suggest that you be as descriptive as possible in why you need assistance, and what you are asking for.






City, State, Zip:

*please make sure to enter data correctly (especially phone and email) so that you can be contacted accordingly


This is your opportunity to let us know why SWAT LIFE: Brothers for Adversity® should assist you, your team, your family, and what it is that you are looking for. Please tell us about your story, your hardship, and list what it is that you are seeking assistance for, like $X.XX for equipment, financial assistance to send your child to school as your loved one was lost while on duty, help to attend specialized training, etc.

Please note that there are no deadlines. This process is a recurring bonus to our regular indented charitable contributions to the select SWAT organizations. There is no guarantee that SWAT LIFE: Brothers for Adversity® will select your cause. Our criteria consists of our board reviewing applications, and rewarding those that we find to be special and unique cases, when we come across them. This application is the first step in the possibility of receiving what you are in need. If we look to asst your cause, we will follow up with a series of additional questions to confirm the legitimacy of your need.

*I have read and understand the above terms and conditions.

Enter security code below:


In just our company’s short existence, we have been approached to participate in the recovery efforts of some of our SWAT Brothers in need, and we met those requests without hesitation, doing what we could to help raise money for these officers’ recoveries…

  • Riviera Beach, Florida – Sgt. Frank Laporta
  • Los Angeles, California – Officer Jamie Rubalcava
  • Rockland County, New York – Corrections Officer John Hickey
  • Plymouth, Pennsylvania – Fallen Officer Bradley Fox
  • St. Cloud, Florida – Sgt. Denise Roberts