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In addition to our signature line of T-Shirt designs, we look to be able to assist SWAT Teams from around the world in representing their internal brotherhood with a SWAT LIFE: BROTHERS FOR ADVERSITY® T-Shirt, specifically designed for them. We can either customize any of our designs to add a Team / City name, or create an exlcusive design from scratch, specially designed to fit the look that best represents their SWAT Team. Shirt styles, colors, printing processes are all endless in the world of possibilities.

These custom designs are great for fundraising for a specific team in need, as they are available with volume pricing, allowing margins for the team to then turn and sell the shirts for a profit in hopes of raising funds to support their team specifically.

    Like one of our stock prints, but just want to add your Team / City / Department name to it… No problem! We got you covered…
    We speak, we design, we knock your socks off… But, the kicker is that we have the pre-approved permission to enter this design into our library and use it for either a SWAT LIFE Stock design or for other Teams / Departments to select from for their own custom shirts.
    We create an exclusive design for your team, and afterwards, you will not produce anything in its likeness for anyone else including SWAT LIFE at large… This means your team will be the only persons to represent in such unique niceness.

* Minimum order is 36pc no matter the option, but shirts are priced according to option.
The more exclusive the design = The more work to get the design done = A slightly more premium price…

Contact us to learn more about making SWAT LIFE: BROTHERS FOR ADVERSITY® something truly yours, and literally as close to the heart as you can get, by way of a custom t-shirt on the chest.