17 02, 2017

Two days to reflect on loss . . . are you preparing for “Right of Bang” as well?

February 17th, 2017|

What is the driver for you? How are you hardwired? How does that belief system get interrupted when you can do everything right . . . but something still goes wrong? We should, and do, train and prepare as much as we can for “left of bang” so that we can recover and live well [...]

18 05, 2016

Thoughts in the Key of Creed – Police Week 2016

May 18th, 2016|Tags: , |

We want to live beyond the imagery commonly associated with the “Blue Line”. That may sound strange from a group associated with selling those same images (though at least it’s for a good cause). But we say this because we want you to live abundantly.   We are more than what we live through. That [...]

12 05, 2015

Police Memorial Week 2015

May 12th, 2015|Tags: , |

Police Memorial Week is important. It’s important that we take time to remember the loss of our Brothers and Sisters. There’s something special about a country that pauses to remember those who serve and sacrifice for them. Most never knowing the names of those who swore to serve and protect them. It serves as a [...]

3 12, 2014

Ferguson and “Us vs. Them”

December 3rd, 2014|

We have many Brothers and Sisters in harms way all over the world.  A company founded on the Special Weapons and Special Operations community means, that while the groups represent the best we have to offer, when things go sideways (and they always go sideways) bad things can happen.  Sometimes even when you are doing [...]

5 11, 2014

Tactical Associations and Training Companies We Want to Work with You!

November 5th, 2014|

SWAT Life is currently setting up its 2015 charitable efforts for 2015.  We are looking to identify Tactical Associations in the US and Canada to contact us if your interested in partnering with SWAT Life and our 501 c3  arm, like mil pictures.com who provided the image below!.  Please goto our "Contact Us" tab and complete [...]

26 05, 2014

The movie 300 certainly makes Spartan warriors look cool but . . .

May 26th, 2014|

There is something to honor about warriors past by the warriors present. Sparta had secured it's place well before movies were made of it.  There is something not just to honor but to learn.  Our brothers speak to us from the past.  Hoping to bolster our courage and praying we learn from their mistakes.  History [...]

23 05, 2014

Looking for Coupons?

May 23rd, 2014|Tags: , , |

Some coupons may not be used in conjunction with certain items/sales/other coupons Coupons listed below may be found on specific sites and advertising.  If you found your way here you can take advantage of any coupon we have running that is made public - regardless of where we ran the special pricing.  Find the one [...]