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Blue Line Heart BeatPolice Memorial Week is important. It’s important that we take time to remember the loss of our Brothers and Sisters. There’s something special about a country that pauses to remember those who serve and sacrifice for them. Most never knowing the names of those who swore to serve and protect them. It serves as a reminder that we are loved and respected by the vast majority of the people we lay our lives on the line.


For those that would hear . . .


It is our time to speak the names of the fallen out loud and with love to the many who might not ever hear it spoke. Speaking the name declares their memory to the world, and declares that we never forget. Many times we lose them to vehicle accidents and sometimes to heartbreaking accidents involving training. Then there are times their life is the price of the oath to be paid. Paid not to the one who may have been the manner in which it was collected. Rather, paid in full and in place of our friends, family, and citizens we served. When their names are spoken and their lives memorialized by family it serves a reminder to those that tried to steal them from us that they have failed. Their names are heralded now and through the ages by this elite warrior class.


For those that would listen . . .


Much is said about the gear that we wear, the firearms that we carry, and the uniform that is worn. Lest they forget, those are nothing more than tools utilized for the benefit of all we serve. They are not the beginning – nor the end of us. There is a heart committed to sacrifice under all the gear. The blue line is not a place but a heartbeat attached to an ideal. It is neither arbitrary nor objective, but very much subjective. For it is subject to those that carry the standard. We are enveloped in symbols of courage, valor, and chivalry. These are nothing more than the outward appearance of the character contained within each of us.


Narrow is the path . . .

Less than .25% of the entire population of the United States suits up, places a badge on their chest, and commits to drawing the line between all good people and evil. Add this to the percentage of people who serve in the military and it rises, approximately, to mere .75 of one percent. Under 1% are willing to lay their lives down for each other and the country. 99.25% of the country exists, operates, and sleeps peaceably at night off of these very servants.


The path is so narrow that even with this small percentage there are a few that have no place with us. Thus when they make themselves known they cost the rest of us greatly. In an instant they can take away decades of incredible service.   They have no honor, no courage, and no valor.


Just being the few we will always be under scrutiny. No matter what we do, how much of their debt we pay, how much we bleed for them, we will always be set apart. Not because of malice but because this is another cost. It is one you must be willing to pay. You must have understanding of the role you cast yourself in – and you did cast yourself in this role. It is us who put the gear we wear to use. It is us who bring to bear force, some times deadly force, upon those we swear to protect. It is us who bring order to chaos. It is us who put a heartbeat in the blue line. Pursue excellence always.


Police Memorial Week is important. We remember our Brothers and Sisters everyday. This week is as important to those of us left behind as it is to those who went before us. They inspire us to bear the burden. They remind you to care for your family greatly. They call us to live well!


Stay Strong and Be Courageous.

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