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B-4-A strenuous 5 a.m. run…
B-4-A grueling training session…
B-4-A fight of your life…
B-4-A hand is raised as you are victorious…
…We are Brothers 4 Adversity!

SWAT LIFE: Brothers for Adversity® only exists because of our brothers and sisters. Although individuals, we are nothing without our team. With that in mind, we are proud to have formed TEAM ADVERSITY which highlights the excellence of our tactical brothers and sisters within Athletic and Competition Sports… To the Extreme! While TEAM ADVERSITY is not exclusive to only Tactical and/or Law Enforcement members, we surely are looking for those who never back down from a stare down with adversity.




SWAT Life joins the sponsors and supporters of Bruce Conners. Connors, who won Gold in the Police Olympics competing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Gi and No Gi) balances his work, home life, and training for his next fight inside the ring.

Bruce Connors is a former Marine Scout Sniper and current Law Enforcement Officer and SWAT team member. His six years of Mixed Martial Arts training has given him the talent and versatility to be a force in the cage as well. He holds a Cage Warriors World Featherweight Title. Bruce is currently ranked in the top five Featherweights in Florida.

Training for the Fight in the Ring or on the Job, Bruce trains and Instructs at Full Circle Mixed Martial Arts. Full Circle MMA is the premier MMA Gym in St. Cloud, Florida. They specialize in Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiujitsu and Submission Grappling. Bruce and his fellow instructors have real world Cage experience. Their decades of combined experience allow them to deliver training that help members meet their fitness goals be they Recreational, Amateur or Professional.

You can learn more about Bruce Connors and Full Circle MMA at



SWAT Life: Brothers for Adversity joins the list of Sponsors for Scott Gardner, USAPL Powerlifter. Scott began lifting weights early in his life inspired by his father, lifting for football. After Scott was done with college football he began to train in Mixed Martial Arts, and tried natural bodybuilding. He found his new home in Power Lifting. Training, in earnest, in power lifting August 2012 and had his first competition in December 2012 where he took 1st in SHW (Super Heavy Weight) Men’s Open and Police and Fire. Since then Scott has competed in numerous power lifting meets. Most recent he competed in USAPL RAW Nationals where he took 1st in SHW Men’s Police and Fire, and 8th in Men’s open.
When Scott is not competing he is protecting the citizens in upstate South Carolina, and more specifically on his agencies SWAT Team.

In a short period of time Scott has demonstrated an ability to perform derived from the same code he serves with at work:

DEC 2012 – USAPL Law Enforcement Nationals (Super Heavy Weight): 1st Police & Fire RAW, SHW 1st Men’s Open RAW

MAR 2013 – USAPL Battle at the Border: SHW 3rd Men’s Open RAW

MAY 2013 – Strongest CrossFitter: 1st Overall

JULY 2013 – USAPL RAW Nationals: SHW 1st Police & Fire; SHW 8th Men’s Open

Scott puts significant time at one of the best gyms in South Carolina:

Do you think you have what it takes to be a member of TEAM ADVERSITY… If so, let us know by filling out the below…



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This is your opportunity to let us know why SWAT LIFE: Brothers for Adversity® should consider you to be an elite member of TEAM ADVERSITY. When you stare Adversity in the eyes, what do you tell it? In competition, when the pressure is razor sharp, how do you handle it? How did you prevail? This is a free form field so say as little or as much as you would like to support your case and give us reason to select you for TEAM ADVERSITY.

Please note that there is a deadline. We are constantly on the lookout for brothers and sisters who stand out. Our criteria consist of our board reviewing applications, consisting of the principal owners of SWAT Life and the Team in whole. Selection will be made on the criteria of who we find most intriguing, and best suited to represent SWAT LIFE's TEAM ADVERSITY, and this selection is left up to the sole discretion of the board.

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