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We want to live beyond the imagery commonly associated with the “Blue Line”. That may sound strange from a group associated with selling those same images (though at least it’s for a good cause). But we say this because we want you to live abundantly.


We are more than what we live through. That doesn’t mean it’s not important, quite the contrary. But if all we did was live through it – how does it serve us and more importantly how does it serve others? The point is to pay forward the gift given by our brothers’ and sisters’ sacrifice. Is what we are doing with it …. worth that sacrifice. Let’s commit now, you and I, to always pursue excellence and encourage those around us to do the same.


We love Police Week – it’s good to pause in our lives and remember what we have sacrificed – remember our victories with what we give up. We don’t lose and it sure as hell is not taken from us. Nothing happens without our willingness to give up all of what is us. TO BE CLEAR: It won’t be easy for those who try and take – we don’t go quietly. Make no mistake we are lions among men and just as Achilles said, there are no pacts between lions and men. The sacrifice isn’t in the outcome it comes at the frontend when you raised your hand – it is your offering made in an oath.


Be thankful for your burden. And you are burdened. You are burdened with the pursuit of honor, valor, and chivalry. Maybe it’s because Creed’s “My Sacrifice” is playing in the background as I write those words but . . . I sit an awe of this Warrior Class of citizenry. There’s nothing on this Earth quite like the bond of brothers borne for adversity. There’s nothing at all dishonorable in being a “normal” citizen. But this isn’t about them – less then .26% answer the call to work in law enforcement. It is darn near unsustainable – yet the calls come in . . . and the answer goes out – enroute.


But this is not all that life has to offer. Go out – surround yourselves with those who you serve. Spend time with them and realize you are a part of them as well. Let them see they are a part of you. Make more time with your wife, husband, and/or kids. Remember what you do this for. If things get dark, reach out and fight for your own life as you would on the street. Remember you are loved.

As we move out of a national week of remembrance. Move your heart and mind to those things that are good in life and take the time to live it abundantly.11073566_796434347103183_2594319446548213518_n

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